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Nellie & Nico's, Along With Fry Wagner, Would Like to Thank Everyone Involved With Our Cause!! 

Kramer's Best
Antique Improver
What does it do?  First of all, it CLEANS.  Kramer's Best Antique Improver is the ideal way to clean off the surface build-up found on so many of the old pieces — fingerprints, kitchen cooking grease, furnace residue, wood and coal smoke, lamp soot, as well as wax build-up and furniture polish residue.   It does this gently — reconditioning, but not damaging, the original finish as it cleans.  As well as your antique furniture, Antique Improver effectively cleans and restores woodwork, paneling, doors (inside and out), floors, window sills, kitchen cupboards and much, much more.

Thank You To The City Of Shawnee And Surrounding Areas For The Donations To The Joplin 'Back To School' Fundraiser

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