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Nellie & Nico’s Antique Mall Vendor Rental Agreement

6495 Quivira Road

Shawnee, KS  66216



Rental terms:  Booths and cases will be rented on a monthly basis, beginning on the first and ending on the last day of the month.  The vendor may terminate the rental agreement by submitting a Vacate Form (at the checkout desk) by the 15th of the month to move out the last day of the month.  Booth rent is taken out of the vendor sales on the 1st of the month; any remaining balance is due on the 3rd of the month.  A late fee of $1.00/day will be charged after the 10th day of the month.  If no payment has been made by the 15th, Nellie &Nico’s will charge the credit card on file.  If the credit card does not go through, on the 24th, Nellie &Nico’s assume abandonment of the booth, confiscate any remaining product and re-rent the booth._________Initial


  • Booths:  $95.00 mo-  4’ deep and 7’6” wide.  No locked cases allowed in booths.
  • End Caps:  $45.00 mo – items or shelving must not exceed 12 inches from the wall.
  • Showcases:  $85.00 mo

Booths must stay clean and items kept within the confines of the booth.


  1. Rent Due:  Rent is initially payable in advance upon reserving space.  Rent will be deducted in advance from the accumulated sales on a monthly basis.  Should sales not make rent it is the dealer’s responsibility to make up the difference between sales and rent.  Vendor sales checks will be available the 5th day of the month unless a holiday or weekend is involved.
  2. Sales Tax:  Nellie & Nico’s will be responsible for the collection and payment of sales taxes to the appropriate department of revenue.  All sales will go through the cash register of Nellie & Nico’s.
  3. Commissions:  A ten percent (10%) commission will be charged on all items sold.  This amount will be deducted from the vendor’s sales each month.  There is a thirty percent (30%) store commission for items on the furniture floor.  Please call to check on available space before bringing in furniture that is clean and in good condition.  A furniture floor tag (acquired at the checkout desk) must be placed on any piece on the furniture floor.  Item bought with credit/debit cards will have a 3% charge of total sale to the vendor.
  4. Losses and Insurance:  Each vendor is responsible for his/her own property insurance.  Nellie & Nico’s will not be responsible for any loss or damage of merchandise, property or equipment either from natural or unnatural causes, such as theft, fire, flood, wind, rain or any other cause what so ever._________initial
  5. Product:  No appliances, firearms (antique BB guns accepted), food or pornographic videos or magazines, hazardous materials or container with residue.  Clothes or shoes MUST NOT exceed 10% of booth space.


Any untagged items or unclaimed items, after 30 days, will become the property of Nellie & Nico’s.  Check the lost and found area frequently. 

Vendors must check out any merchandise at the front desk before leaving.


I agree with the terms and conditions of Nellie & Nico’s as part of my rental agreement.


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